Language Learning: Journey of an aspiring Polyglot

1 min readJul 31, 2022


Today I sat down at my computer reflecting on the things I wanted to see in my life as get I’m getting older. One of those things that immediately popped into my mind was my consistent journey towards becoming a polyglot.

Polyglot is a person who can speak several languages, generally the minimum number is 4.

For me I was lucky to grow up speaking Cantonese as well as English. However, I can only speak to a limited proficiency level in Cantonese, and mostly illiterate in Cantonese. Though my few years of studying Mandarin had helped me be able to read a bit of Chinese.

I will start several stories regarding my journey in language learning. I will focus on the following:

Hindi Learning: The Basics

Turkish Learning: The Basics

Japanese Learning: The Basics

Update October 11, 2022:

I decided that I will also include:

Russian Learning: The Basics

Korean Learning: The Basics




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